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Re: [sc-dev] scheduling etc

Hi Jem,

  Yes, all scheduling of "events" is either done from
the SystemClock/UserClock or from setting a timestamp
on an OSC packet.  I think Felix has a class that holds
onto OSC packets until close to their performance time.
(This helps prevent "obsolete" commands from being sent
to nodes that have been freed.)

System overhead introduces timing irregularities, so Patterns set the time
of their events some fixed "latency" into the future.  As long as that
time is greater  than the delays introduced by the system, relative timing
stays accurate. You may need to do the same to have the grains land in the
right places, so it may be worthwhile implementing the granular patch
as a pattern.  In order to have the grains occur with sample accurate
timing you need to incorporate a Ugen that offsets to the right time
point.  (I can't remember its name at the moment. )


On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Jem Finer wrote:

> I've asked this I think before but maybe in a different way :
> Would it be true to say that all scheduling . . . in a Spawn sense . . . is
> now done using Routine ?
> I've tried to implement a very simple granulating patch but can only get it
> to work within a Routine. Felix hinted it could be done without but I've had
> no joy.
> Thanks,
> Jem
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