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[sc-dev] Cocoa Dialog Problem

But why cant i have a Buffer.read in the completion
function?  Im getting an error (ERROR:
Message 'bufferAllocator' not understood.)

heres the code for the button

loadButton.action = {
	path = nil;
		arg paths;
		path = paths.at(0);
		(buffer != nil).if({buffer.free});
		buffer = Buffer.read(path);	
	}, {"Canceled".postln}, 1);

>>The dialog primitive puts up the dialog and returns
>>immediately. Your 
>>completion function should contain the code to do
>>what you want to 
>>happen after the dialog is dismissed. One thing you
>>can do is wrap the 
code that calls the dialog in a Routine, create a Wait
object, and immediately after the dialog call, you
wait on the 
condition which you signal in your completion function.

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