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Re: [sc-dev] Cocoa Dialog Problem

The dialog primitive puts up the dialog and returns immediately. Your completion function should contain the code to do what you want to happen after the dialog is dismissed. One thing you can do is wrap the code that calls the dialog in a Routine, create a Wait condition object, and immediately after the dialog call, you wait on the condition which you signal in your completion function.

On Tuesday, December 24, 2002, at 12:45 PM, Casey Basichis wrote:

Hey, i just ran into a problem with the CocoaDialog, i
cant figure it out.  It seems that things after the
dialog finish before it closes, (ie in a button
action) i cant load a buffer inside the cocoa dialog,
and the path doesnt get loaded until after the
Buffer.read happens.  I dont know how to get around
this mabe a while loop but thats not so great, maybe a
CocoDialog.getPaths.value or something to return the

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