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[sc-dev] Rendezvous and commands

Hi Sekhar,

 I'd love to see this integrated into the general release: it would make
OSC much more flexible.

 James' announcement of integer equivalents for SCserver commands
gives me the following idea:

	There could be a standard SC/OSC command for requesting
a list of available OSC commands with their integer equivalents.
The Server object on the client side could keep these pairings in a
dictionary and save bandwidth for lightweight OSC projects without
requiring any changes to user code.  Integer equivalents could
be generated "on the fly" (like nodeID's) so that the same approach could
be applied to application OSC projects.

	Is this something that could be supported with Rendezvous?


On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 cramakrishnan@xxxxxxx wrote:

> crucial felix writes:
> > > However, I am also interested in getting Rendezvous working with SC so
> > > that servers can be discovered on local networks.
> >
> > can it discover them anywhere on the internet ?
> > i haven't read up on rendezvous yet.
> Rendezvous currently works only over single-link networks.
> I've actually got the OSC Server publishing it's presence via
> Rendezvous (i've been wanting to do this as well...).
> Two things: It requires linking to the CoreServices framework. And I'm
> creating pthread for the Rendezvous service broadcaster to run in. The
> other option is to attach the service broadcaster to a CFRunLoop
> (perhaps the one the HAL uses).
> Are these things ok with you James and everyone? I can post the
> modified code if people want it. I have ifdefs around the Rendezvous
> code, so it shouldn't break the Linux people.
> I'm still working on getting the SCLang/NetAddr to support discovery
> of OSC services out there.
> - sekhar
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