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Re: [sc-dev] usb joystick support?

crucial felix writes:
> > However, I am also interested in getting Rendezvous working with SC so 
> > that servers can be discovered on local networks.
> can it discover them anywhere on the internet ?
> i haven't read up on rendezvous yet.

Rendezvous currently works only over single-link networks.

I've actually got the OSC Server publishing it's presence via
Rendezvous (i've been wanting to do this as well...). 

Two things: It requires linking to the CoreServices framework. And I'm
creating pthread for the Rendezvous service broadcaster to run in. The
other option is to attach the service broadcaster to a CFRunLoop
(perhaps the one the HAL uses).

Are these things ok with you James and everyone? I can post the
modified code if people want it. I have ifdefs around the Rendezvous
code, so it shouldn't break the Linux people.

I'm still working on getting the SCLang/NetAddr to support discovery
of OSC services out there.

- sekhar

C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan@xxxxxxx