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Re: [sc-dev] usb joystick support?

hey there,

HID is what you want to be looking at. i recently got a PB project
working of a simple HID example, email me directly if you want it.

i also looked around for a portable joystick library and there seems to be
only one viable one out there:


it's part of PLIB which is a game lib, but can be used independently.
the one catch is that there is no os x support as of yet. he's recently reorganized all the joystick code to make it easier to work with. could be a project to get os x support going and then use it for a portable osc joystick program.


On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 08:17 AM, collin olan wrote:


firstly_ i have gotten a more recent SC3 and it is coming along nicely! great work all of you! secondly_ is there support for usb joysticks at this point? i just bought one of these kits:


which works with max/msp "insprock" object_ ..

also_ is there a command line tool to view data from something like this for testing purposes? i have started looking through the developer docs for HID but i m no programmer so it s a little confusing.

thank you in advance_

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