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[sc-dev] Post LACMA t's and q's

>>if you want to work with these now, i'll be happy to
>>send them to you.

Great yeah what ever you got...

>>thinking about it but haven't gotten down to that. 
>>i'm trying to get
>>various players working.  but the basic crucial gui
>>system works now,
>>and that uses significantly tighter gui code.   it
>>>doesn't look so
>>great yet, i haven't worked on colors.

That sounds cool, i actually never got around to using
the crucial stuff in sc2 but it it means less coding
im totally interested.  The way im doing it now is
assigning the value to a enviroment variable in the
action function, to avoid using defer which i cant
seem to get working like:
button = SCButton(w, Rect(0,0,80,20));
button.action = {~buttonValue = button.value};

Also what about the File Dialog thing, i know it seems
like a very small issue but having it working means i
can run patches with out having to go back and edit
the paths in the text which would be nice

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