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Re: [sc-dev] Post LACMA t's and q's

On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 05:27 PM, Casey Basichis wrote:

Howdy, I wanted to thank you all for the help the other day with getting my patch ready, i ended getting it working to the point where i could atleast use it.  I have been thinking about it for a bit though, and i have a few questions.  First i was wondering what the progress was on both the file dialog and also the id generators/synhlib type stuff for buffers, busses, groups, synths controls etc. 

i did a refactoring of Node Synth Group and sent it to julian. he's looking over it. its main goal is to invisibly handle node allocation and wrapping all the possible messages in simple methods.

i did Buffer, taking sekhar's and filling it out. i think that one is done, though i will add memory counting at some point. (if you do b_read you don't know the size of the file unless you open a SoundFile just to read how many frames are there).

i have done Bus which also has BusAllocator. it lets you .free a Bus and it takes care of all the crap. all examples should be written using this, so that no-one ever writes out hard coded bus numbers. my class needs some more cleaning but its usable and close.

if you want to work with these now, i'll be happy to send them to you.

I know on the server side all those are supposed to be numbers but, it seems as long as they are only numbers in the language, different patches will conflict with each other when run together

this has been my main concern, that people are starting to work on sc3 using the example code that is all inherently breakable.

and ill never be able to finish a patch because ill always have to edit which busses or buffers etc it is using, same goes with the file dialog and editing paths.  The other concern i have, and i dont know if this is being addressed is the akwardness of the gui code.  The patch ended up being 600 lines of code, about 2/3's of it was for gui.  I did a version ! in max a day later and it was tiny took me about 20 minuites.  I absolutely hate wiring things together (shaky nerves) but has anyone been thinking about a simpler system for gui? 

thinking about it but haven't gotten down to that. i'm trying to get various players working. but the basic crucial gui system works now, and that uses significantly tighter gui code. it doesn't look so great yet, i haven't worked on colors.

Id like to know what you all think, Im really trying to make sc3 my main platform but its very difficult to write 600 lines of code for a file looper/effects patch.



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