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Re: [sc-dev] server status window suggestions

On Thursday, November 21, 2002, at 01:26 AM, stephen poprocki wrote:

Doesn't the HIG say button titles should reflect the action to be done when you click? (red) Start / (yellow) Booting... / (green) Stop makes much more sense to me.

But then you've got the colors reversed. For most people green means Go and red means Stop. That is why I had start = green and stop = red. I still think it should be that way, but Booting should be yellow.

Ah, right. I was thinking of the color as an indication of the server state.

yeah that's what i thought and why i thought it was backwards.
when i see a red light i think that things aren't running. not that i should click it in order to obtain that state.

once the server is started, i don't expect to see a red light.

i titled it this way to reflect the current state, not the action that would happen when you click it. would it better to just say "Local" or "Internal" and assume that we all understand red yellow green ?

i'd also like to have multiple servers on one window. the way i have all the crucial gui stuff (sc2) its easy to pass in a window or not. it you don't, it creates a new window.

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