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Re: [sc-dev] sendMsg vs. sendBundle

On Sunday, November 10, 2002, at 02:42 PM, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

okay but most of these commands are just ASAP with lots of 0.2 second

ok, we have to see what system is best for the optimal delay times.
I'll use server.sendCmd and if delay is zero, I just send a cmd directly.

does the delay depend on the size of the packet?
if so the server could make a good guess.

huh ?
my initial question again:
who cares ? we want it now, why do we specify a delay ? there is no exact
time for anything to happen.

free, map, set ? why do i want any of these to happen exactly 0.2 seconds from now ?
why don't you just do it now ?

there is no optimal delay time. "optimally, if you could do this as soon as you
can get around to it.  that would be nice, thank you mr. server."