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Re: [sc-dev] [sc3] midi in

thanks for the hints,
i'm on vacation now,
and will have a look at the midi code next week... when i'm back.

James McCartney heeft op woensdag 31 juli 2002 om 07:44 het volgende geschreven:

variable 'str' is used uninitialized here.

void JtInitMidiInput(int numIn, PyrObject * inObj );
void JtInitMidiInput(int numIn, PyrObject * inObj )
    // init a midi input port by number:
    //create a c++ object and store it in sc
    MIDIPortRef myMIDIPort;
    char str[32];
    CFAllocatorRef alloc = CFAllocatorGetDefault();
CFStringRef inputPortName = CFStringCreateWithCString(alloc, str, kCFStringEncodingMacRoman);

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