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Re: [sc-dev] Sc3 keydown functions proposal

On Thursday, August 1, 2002, at 02:15 PM, heiko goelzer wrote:
what would be an example of something you want on the global action ?
real world example.  i'm just curious.

the way I used it until now (sc2) was for example having mutes for a
multitrack sampleplayer on keys 1-9. You are rigth.
This would be a
candidate for the TopView responder.

yes, you could have different multi-samplers. whichever one is the front window
receives the keys.

Anyway, once you operate with multiple
windows it can come handy to call different windows to front with global

that sounds useful.

 I am also thinking about global actions like "start server",
"start audio"...

right now we should just put this in Main::run
then you can start with command-r

That's a lot. Migth be useful after all. But there are more urgent things
first, like modifier-clicks for the mouseDown...

definitely !
and more dragging support.

i was just trying to figure out why you put the key
a view instance variable.

Just my first idea when Jan brougth up the "keyTyped" from Java. It migth
yield in the direction of a keyDown memory for that view.


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