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Re: [sc-dev] Sc3 keydown functions proposal

> so you would like the global always to fire ?


> i guess i would put my top level stuff in the SCTopView responder anyway.
> (for that window)
> what would be an example of something you want on the global action ?
> real world example.  i'm just curious.

the way I used it until now (sc2) was for example having mutes for a
multitrack sampleplayer on keys 1-9. You are rigth. This would be a
candidate for the TopView responder. Anyway, once you operate with multiple
windows it can come handy to call different windows to front with global
keydowns. I am also thinking about global actions like "start server",
"start audio"...

>>> i guess these keyboards can detect up to 4 keys at once.  did you find
>>> anything
>>> about that ?
>> You are talking about usual keys not modifiers, are you?
> yes.
>> I didn't know about
>> that. I didn't go into this, only know about what was there in the NS
>> framework: just one key + modifiers there.
> i think max can detect multiples.  you know those M1D1 things got like
> 127
> of them and you can hold them ALL DOWN !!!

That's a lot. Migth be useful after all. But there are more urgent things
first, like modifier-clicks for the mouseDown...

> i was just trying to figure out why you put the key
> into
> a view instance variable.

Just my first idea when Jan brougth up the "keyTyped" from Java. It migth
yield in the direction of a keyDown memory for that view.