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[sc-dev] Re: [sc-users] some basic basics

everything is held up until I get a release that can actually be a foundation for further work. I've got everything building in project builder now, it just needs some cleaning up. From then on I expect to work from the cvs. I've incorporated some changes on the cvs now, but
others may need to be recommitted into the new version.
I would like the current version on the cvs to be wiped out by my update, when it happens, since I never wanted that version to be on cvs. (And I mean wiped out, erased, such that it cannot be reverted to.)

after that, examples, documentation, and supporting classes will be a group effort I hope, and I will contribute what I can.

Right now I would say that my mission is to get SC3 on CVS in Project Builder with an open source license, and the mission after that will be to get it to a point equivalent to where SC2 is now with regards to docs and examples.

The timeline is lagging unfortunately because I am busy with work and still unpacking and getting set up here in california in general.

On Monday, July 29, 2002, at 04:37  PM, Ryan Gallagher wrote:

Hey all-

I've posted before, and I'll readily admit to being in
the lowest tier of Supercollider users.  As a user
exlusively, (no desire to develop) I've encountered a
few frustrations and obsticals to getting involved
with SC3.  I was wondering if you guys would help
clarify a few simple questions.

1 - Are people involved in the CVS project working
towards a release version?  If so what is the
timeline?  Where will release versions be posted?

2 - Is there a documentation project underway?  I
gained emmensly from the numerous examples and help
system included with sc2.

3 - Is there a Mission Statement guiding the course of
SC3 development?

Thanks a ton everyone, I'm the reaper of your labor!


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