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[sc-dev] Re: [sc-users] Synth.play revisited

this is *totally* a dev issue at this point.

If someone likes to play around with it they should be able to do so.
you are right, the discussion about it is and I'm expected it to be here.

the scheduling stuff should not be in there i think.  it shouldn't
have been in there in sc2 either !!!!

it is just a convenience. the Synth class's timer does the job.
actually each Group could have its timer so that different timing
levels can be used.

i think you've put too many responsibilities on the Instr

from your code:
	//copied to here for now.
	//could be in Function actually.

	buildControlsFromArgs { arg externalInputs;

as I mention in the code (maybe not the best place..), this stuff can move.
I just replaced beloved ProtoSynth by Instr.

how about keeping it in SynthDef (since that's whose domain this is)
as a class method, passing in the function ?

you are right, it should be there.

maybe even building a SynthDef from a ugenFunc should be a talent of
SynthDef ?  it only needs to know the rates of the args.  (and not by guessing
based on the argument names IMHO).

it seems a bit weird to me, too, it is not convenient to write a list of specs each time you want to play a function. It is the way to go I think when writing instruments though.

i think that is the approach i will take: remove it from Instr entirely.

go ahead, it's fine for me. If you want, I can do it, in parallel
and we see who takes out what ;)

right now i got Patch playing and mostly on-the-fly patchable. then i ran into certain
issues which require a refactoring.

i will now post where i'm at currently, including where i ran into the hitch.

thank you, sounds good. I'll try to read it.