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[sc-dev] output spec

> i did realize today that output spec isn't needed, as its trivial
> to value the ugenFunc and get the rate and numChannels from whatever
> it produces.
Hi Felix,

I think you want to hang onto the output spec.
(I may be misunderstanding what you are talking about, so here is my
understanding of the situation: the basic idea of the output spec
is to handle controls that are expressed in (for example) dB or cents.
The idea is to have the control in the GUI work in those units and then
convert the units the linear values the synth needs whenever the control
is changed.  This could be done with a unary-op UGen, but converting
whenever the control changes is more efficient.  Since there will always
be some kind of mediation between controls and the synth engine, this
seems the way to go.