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Re: [sc-dev] In.kr only needed for multi-channel .kr ?

On Sunday, July 21, 2002, at 05:40 PM, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

thank you, good approach. It seems important to always keep
a Instr Equivalent in sclang to know the inputs and specs.

Instrument != SynthDef
if you just mean what are the inputs and specs of a saved synthDef
that you left on your harddrive...
its not needed to worry about a synthDef anyway, an Instrument or Patch
writes that on demand. the monkey does not need to know what is inscribed on
the shoes of the horses

I wonder if Instr still works also without specs. it could
have default specs, just everything a control.

under sc2 version the specs were used not to police anything or
prevent an input or clip it, but simply for auto-creation of
input sliders etc.
so you can easily 'get away with' not entering the specs.
in any case, if your arg names are standard than it figures it out itself.

under sc3, the specs are needed primarily to determine the rate of the input.
both for building the SynthDef and for on the fly patching.

but in a drag and drop world or with any real gui stuff... i want
the specs.  i want auto-convertors, i want the drag icon to show if
something will work or not.

i did realize today that output spec isn't needed, as its trivial
to value the ugenFunc and get the rate and numChannels from whatever
it produces.

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