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[sc-dev] cvs FAQ v 0.9

I just reimported a new version to sourceforge. It does not include the built
application ( 5 meg ) or the intermediates.
the modulename is SuperCollider3

Again, this will have to be reimported anyway when james finishes his current work.
And we hope to pull the engine code into a separate CVS module.

let me know any comments, somebody try it from these directions.
then i'll put it on the sourceforge site.

SuperCollider.sourceforge.net cvs faq

In order to commit any code changes you make back to the repository, you need to
checkout via the :ext: method, over SSH.
You can checkout an anonymous :pserver: copy if you simply wish to keep up to date with the latest changes. PowerBuilder will let you know when a file has changed
and will download just that update.

This is how to check out an :ext:/developer version.

1.  Register with SourceForge
2.  Get Ian to make you a developer
	setenv CVS_RSH ssh
setenv CVSROOT :ext:loginname@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/supercollider 4. go to the folder you wish to put the sc source code into (it will make a folder called client-dev there)
	cvs -z3 checkout SuperCollider3
enter your password at the prompt

you now have an :ext: "developer-mode" checked out version of the source code.

I have not figured out how to get PowerBuilder's CVS support to work with :ext: copies. It works nice with :pserver: copies (anonymous ones), you can check for updates, easily see the status and check the diff. but you can't commit anything back to the repository from
a :pserver: copy.

when you feel confident to actually commit a change, go to the directory of your file:

cvs commit filename

enter your password,
fill out a report of what your changes do (feel free to be verbose here rather than in the source code itself. in the source you should only comment your code as per usual to explain
the implementation or api )
vi sucks.  sorry.  when you are done hit
escape :w   // to write the file
escape :q   //  to quit vi

you have been committed.


next i would like to figure out branches etc. so i can