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Re: Re: [sc-dev] do.where_is: [latest code]


 >Yes. I've been hacking more on the server.
 >Audio is always on. All messages to server must be bundles.
 >next to do: SynthDefs dynamically streamed and unloaded.

 that sounds nice!
 so it won't be needed to write SynthDefs to disk, one can just send
 them by TCP?

julian, stop thinking about making spawn work ;)

I wouldn't even think of it..

the main thing that keeps me hacking at sc3 right now is getting around the cpu spikes that come from building a ugen graph everytime i wanna make some noise. i want to make much faster crazier transitions. right now with sc2 i have to always watch the cpu peak meter while i'm playing.
must work WITH the system:  pre-compile your synth defs, pre-load them.

I was just curious what to do in a network.
Also I wondered about the fastest connection to the server -
but I can live with a finish function in the save method.
I want to see the code, it's fine to load synth-defs in advance,
but I don't want to have heaps of invisible stuff - why do we have
an interpreter language after all.