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[sc-dev] bug: TestDependant is unremovable

if i comment out the class TestDependant :

TestDependant {
	update { arg thing;
		(thing.asString ++ " was changed.\n").post;

i get :

cwd: '/Users/cruxxial/Documents/sc3source/c2/client-dev/SuperCollider 3/build'
pass 1 done
• ERROR: Cannot find superclass 'Model' for class 'Server'
   in file 'SCClassLibrary/Common/Control/Server.sc.rtf'
   line 4 char 14 :
  Server : Model• {
  	classvar <>default, <>named, <>set;

which is odd since none of the classes on the Server.sc.rtf file are subclasses of anything
besides object.

btw. i vote that we allow rtf email posts on this list.