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Re: [sc-dev] linux

mego@xxxxxx wrote:
> did anybody give a linux port of the server part a try?

i did a port using jack and the whole auto* mess; i'm waiting
for james to release his work under an open source license, as
for to merge any changes into the code base.


> all this threading/timing/callback stuff makes me dizzy. basically i think
> the audio callback thread is running outside of the app (in the jackd
> server), so everything should be one level easier.

for out-of-process clients the jack callback is called from a
separate thread (not under application control) which is woken
up by the server. SC_CoreAudioDriver::RunThread() is
responsible for communicating with the OSC world without
blocking the audio thread, while time synchronisation is done
in a third thread.

> also the coreaudio timing stuff seems more complicated than it would be on
> linux. on linux, it would all be based on gettimeofday() anyway, so no
> back and forth calculations between audiohosttime and osc-time and
> whatnot. correct me if i am wrong.

i already wondered myself. can anybody clarify?