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[sc-dev] sample accurate scheduling and thisThread.time

HI James,

 OffsetOut requires a very minor modification to work - it is written as
if it has one argument rather than two. (So the number of channels is the
number of inputs minus two and the offset to the OutputProxy's is

 However, there is a problem with timing on the client end which prevents
sample accurate scheduling.

 Using a pattern such as:

Pbind(		\dur, 1, 
		\freq , Pfunc({ thisThread.time.postln;\rest})

Shows the time position advancing by values that are not precisely 1.
(Since the OSC stuff uses thisThread.time as its time base, this confuses
sample accurate scheduling.)

I tried  using AppClock, setting drift to false, as the pattern's clock
but got the same kind of results.

So, I guess the question is, how can a pattern's 'virtual time' (i.e., the
time determined by the accumulation of ~dur/~tempo) be used to determine
the time of the thread playing it?

Also, shouldn't that be the default choice?