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[sc-dev] linux


did anybody give a linux port of the server part a try?

i have it running under linux/gcc3.1, it already loads the plugins
correctly (except the FFT stuff), receives osc packets correctly, but i am
stuck on replacing coreaudio with jack (no audio is produced yet..)

all this threading/timing/callback stuff makes me dizzy. basically i think
the audio callback thread is running outside of the app (in the jackd
server), so everything should be one level easier.

also the coreaudio timing stuff seems more complicated than it would be on
linux. on linux, it would all be based on gettimeofday() anyway, so no
back and forth calculations between audiohosttime and osc-time and
whatnot. correct me if i am wrong.

if anybody has aquired some insights of the inner workings of the server,
please share your knowledge!

the modified sources are here, if anyone wants to have a look at the mess:

btw, jack is at: http://jackit.sourceforge.net/

i also installed the linux versions of libsndfile and the whole alsa
driver maze.

(... and if it works under linux, i could continue to use my korg 1212
card with sc, since i discovered there is a linux alsa driver available
for it!!)