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[sc-dev] A2K is needed i think

i'm getting a good design now for players and Patches.
when i get home tommorrow i can post some useful classes:
sc code abstractions of Synth, Group, NodeControl, bus allocators.
it makes all the messy osc messages go away and protects against
future api changes.

a Synth object under sc2 wasn't really a synth, it was a connection to 
a c object.   although the implementation of the connection has changed,
we still should have a Synth class, and talk to that to make it do anything,
like .free .remove etc.
and not sit there with a bunch of osc messages all over our music.

best example:

aNodeControl.value = 0.4;
// causes the synth or group node to send a message 
// to set the node and index
// client objects can be handed a NodeControl and just deal with that thing,
// not have to also know what server, what node, what index.


i ran into an issue where i might patch some .ar rate
thing into a .kr rate input of a function.
under sc2 this happens without problem.

can you do:

Out.kr( audioRateSignal )

or do we need:

Out.kr( A2K.kr( audioRateSignal ) )