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Re: Re: [sc-dev] do.where_is: [latest code]


> >Yes. I've been hacking more on the server.
> >
> >Audio is always on. All messages to server must be bundles.
> >next to do: SynthDefs dynamically streamed and unloaded.
> that sounds nice!
> so it won't be needed to write SynthDefs to disk, one can just send 
> them by TCP?

julian, stop thinking about making spawn work ;)
the main thing that keeps me hacking at sc3 right now is getting around the cpu spikes that come from building a ugen graph everytime i wanna make some noise.
i want to make much faster crazier transitions.  right now with sc2 i have to always watch the cpu peak meter while i'm playing.
must work WITH the system:  pre-compile your synth defs, pre-load them.

> >These changes make the code simpler, there are fewer states for the 
> >client to worry about
> very good thing.
> >and leads to streamable formats (a set of OSC commands could be 
> >stored in a file and streamed by TCP
> >or standard input).

which does lead me back to Timeline, and using pre-rendered files of event sequences, then looping and wandering over them.

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