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[sc-dev] [sc3] kAudioDevicePropertyStreamFormat error / DefaultInput

recently i posted that the kAudioDevicePropertyStreamFormat error could be "solved" by commenting out several lines in SCCoreAudio.cpp. this was not a good solution because the input did not work then. so i changed some more thing in that code. the input is now accessed via the DefaultInputDevice. And the errors do not appear anymore. there is a nice program called daisy that comes as code with the developer tools. daisy makes it possible to select the defaultInputDevice and the DefaultOutputDevice seperately.
the modified (stage2 - nonrealtime not working) version is at:
where came the  error from?!:
some audioInterfaces register themself as two AudioDevices. One is set to the DefaultInput the otherone to th DefaultOutput. If you want to get a input - StreamFormat from such an Output (which does not have an input) you get an error. So i made a second device (DefaultInput) and its own ioproc which sets a pointer to the input. This is then read in Run() in SCCoreAudio.