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Re: [sc-dev] rtf extension

its also nice to be able to use standard text utilities.
though the colors/formatting always got off by a couple of characters if you do find and replace.
not sure what i think yet.

On Saturday, June 29, 2002, at 01:11 AM, Ian Pojman wrote:

james wrote:

.rtf files have to be called .rtf
Cocoa does not want to let you save a .rtf file with another extension. .sc.rtf does look ugly, but if you want the other rtf reading programs to always recognize our files, and if you want them to transport over the net to other platforms then you have to use the right extension. The type/creator tags are not as functional in X as in 9.

why do you have to use the right extension? why can't we just write our own save dialog and use .sc? I would really prefer that.

if you're transporting over the net to other platforms surely those platforms can read .sc files too. am I missing something?