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Re: [sc-dev] compiling the client

On Friday, June 28, 2002, at 10:28 PM, Ian Pojman wrote:

the (temporary) version that is in the sourceforge cvs will need to be restructured i think.
the build and all the intermediates are in there.
i think we want only the source that leads to the app.
not even the sc class library and the wavetables, engine stuff etc.

yeah, sorry, you're right.. I would put the class lib and stuff there though, modules make much more sense when they are in their complete form. you can update them without downloading all the stuff all over again. should just take the build dir out.

okay. also i guess pull out the synthdefs (the compiled ones). just to be simple, reduce the number of files. but of course jmc is still to do some more stuff, so we're just playing around for now.

since the common files are all .rtf, the diffs and updates are going to parse them weirdly. but we do need to check these things in, thats been very common over the past couple of years: someone finds a bug in the Common methods and submits a fix. of course we nearly got them all now :)

i tried (partly just as an experiment) to export the Common folder up to a new module on the cvs
but i didn't have enough permissions i guess.

what are you trying? you need to "cvs import" not export..

sorry i meant:

cvs import -m "Common sc class library" common sc start

in any case, its more of a learning experience for me right now (cvs). jmc is still to do some stuff to the code. and i still haven't heard any opinions from Our Benevolent Dictator on sourceforge, his dictatorship or any other similar issues. tonight i'm sure they'll be razing him, forcing him to eat weird sushi and chasing him around the orchard all drunk with
his pants around his knees.

compiling the client fails with link errors.
maybe i didn't get libsndfile installed correctly ?
div2i, istype : not sure where these are. searches don't find them.

/usr/bin/ld: warning prebinding disabled because of undefined symbols
/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:
...failed StandaloneExecutable.LinkUsingFileList /Users/cruxxial/Documents/sc3source/client-dev/SuperCollider 3/build/SuperCollider.app/Contents/MacOS/SuperCollider ...

yep! I shouldve put the working libsndfile up there too huh. :)

ah, so these *are* link errors due to me using the wrong libsndfile.a ?

okay, i did get libsndfile 0.0.27 and compiled it... but i didn't do

sudo make install

i just did

make install

and didn't notice that it failed to install to /usr/local/lib due to permissions.
so i still had the wrong one in there.


build succeeded !

 ill do that later today.


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