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Re: [sc-dev] SC server synth

christian.hresko heeft op dinsdag 25 juni 2002 om 01:34 het volgende geschreven:

i guess i'll try this again. has anyone successfully compiled the CW SC_server_synth.mcp project? if so, how did you resolve the link errors?
yes i did almost,
except some link error from the sndfile in SC_SequencedCommand.cpp (istype undefined).
so i commentet that sndfile stuff out.
you need to import a lot of other files that are not in the project to remove all other linking errors. i think it was the whole /include directory, and some other code that is spread in different directories.
you can try the project that i put on.
that at least compiles. look in SC_SequencedCommand.cpp all the uncomment stuff (mostly in stage2) causes problems. althought he does recognize all the libsnd functions i could not find yet the definition of 'istype'. actually there is a compiled version of the libsndfile.a in /build/engine/engine dev/libsndfile cw/libsndfile.a so you dont need to download compile install the original version. but watch out the sndfile.h is in build/engine/include/sndfile.h if you put this in the project and change the link in SC_SequencedCommand (seems to be the only class in the engine that needs sndlib) it almost works.



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