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Re: [sc-dev] Linux development?

On Tuesday, June 25, 2002, at 06:32  AM, stefan kersten wrote:

James McCartney wrote:
Just for the record:
I've not yet released the sc server source under GPL. In the headers I
retain all rights to the code and in some specifically state:
"This is copyrighted source. It is not public domain, not GPLed, not open
Thus according to the GPL license you cannot yet link JACK and sc server.

ah, ok, i haven't thought of that. would the use of portaudio (1) be a viable alternative? it features a common interface to audio devices on macos, macosx,
linux, etc. and has a non-restrictive license.

Actually I like JACK better, so hang on to your changes and wait for the GPL version to integrate them.

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