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[sc-dev] bugs, bugzilla

would bugzilla be good for us ?

here is my informal list of bugs and to dos.


command-H help
how are we going to do this now ?
best to integrate it with an online wiki
i want this now because as i explore,
i want to make notes, share discoveries

(sc) compile message time is always 0.00
compile takes 161 secs ?
this happened the first time i started. very slow compile. now it compiles really really fast ! starts up fast too !

all these little postln in the classes should be .logMessage or something
and thus configurable as to how you handle them.
or course the posting always happens on the same window now, so its easier
to deal with lots of little messages.

change .rtf to a .sc doc format
extension is optional except for classfiles
fix type/creator

tempo aware bundle scheduling solution
(vital for patterns)

no Synth.
jr's Synth solution, or maybe a SynthServer that can remember voice slots.

primitive is not linked
simply due to NOCLASSIC conditional
hey i could actually fix this and check it in when the cvs comes...

command-y doesn't work with + methods
unexpected quit if method not found, sometimes
example: initClass always quits

clicking on fields in inspector once sets values to nil
its starting the drag process

class compilation fails to find superclasses except
where the subclass is on the same page.
actually, i think this is just a wrong display when it fails
to compile due to another error. it doesn't show the first error ... ?
i'll look into it more.

the -> key in SCNumberBox is interpreted as something like return key,
tries to parse nil as a float. (nothing yet entered)

+ extensions that overide methods cause unexpected quits
either on compile or when the method is actually called.
i put the same methods directly into Object (commenting out the previous implementations),
and they worked fine.

rgb is broken. the parser lets it pass, but it causes a crash
when the code is executed. is no longer a legal literal for var/classvar definitions.

.rtf files can't be bulk searched by bbedit. need a multi-file search function.

but at least the unexpected quits are so painless :)