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[sc-dev] commits on cvs

many of the day to day commits i don't think he would want to deal with.
major structural decisions will be no doubt debated at length.

i think sc could be divided into smaller modules (eg. midi support, wacom, mouse events, lang primitives), with teams of interested people addressing them. always important to have at least two people who really understand what a given section
of code does.

how about a module for the actual sc library code ?
i would prefer to keep the Common library very approach-neutral. there are even some things to pull out from there that are not pure language constructs. they could be kept in separate packages.

i also think we should start slowly :)

On Thursday, June 20, 2002, at 08:29 PM, Ian Pojman wrote:

no. right now, everyone who is registered as a developer in the project
has permissions to account management. it will most likely be
problematic if everyone decides they want to be a developer.
so ask yourself whether you want to be one and what you can do to
help. if all you are interested is a user-level one, the chances
are you won't need to have an account at all (project-wise or on sourceforge)
but again everyone is welcome and there shouldn't be restrictions,
at least for the time being.

or should it be managed by a single admin? or a group of admins?

if James wouldn't mind, it'd be nice if the commits went through him... makes sense and all