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[sc-dev] Re: SC 2 list archives proposal

On Tuesday, June 18, 2002, at 08:47 PM, Lee Azzarello wrote:

I'm going over the list archives at lists.io.com and I realized that
there's a lot of great stuff there but it's all burried. I think it would
be a bennefit to us still using SC2 for performance (unless I'm the only
one) to have a web-accessable archive. This would make google searches for
the word supercollider yield better results than a couple of academic
sites and audiosynth.com

and a lot of physicists.

Since the list seems to have moved to CREATE, which is using Mailman, the
io.com archives would not have to be maintained, just processed and
HTML-ized once, which would be pretty simple.

Of course I plan on converting all email addresses to the safer
(read: less spam harvester friendly)
name (at) host.com

Would anyone object?

ideally i would like to see a wiki with the documentation on it.
user commentary (like php.net). the problem with php.net is the commentary gets too long and isn't sorted by importance. a wiki can be set up to add commentary in a threaded fashion,
and then editor people can link those together to clarify stuff later.

on each of those pages a link that would search the archives of all sc mailing lists.
links to further explorations of specific concepts or classes.

a daily or weekly automatic copy of that wiki documentation to an offline downloadable format.
(html or better: sc files)

someone mentioned exporting html for the apple help. i assume one can pass a query to apple help from inside the application. but its also nice in sc2 to have integrated examples that you can play.

david cottle, have you accepted the nomination of Overseer of Documentation ?
what are your feelings ?  do ya dig wikis ?

i have a php wiki that works okay.