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Re: [sc-dev] Linux development?

James McCartney wrote:
> Just for the record:
> I've not yet released the sc server source under GPL. In the headers I 
> retain all rights to the code and in some specifically state:
> "This is copyrighted source. It is not public domain, not GPLed, not open 
> source."
> Thus according to the GPL license you cannot yet link JACK and sc server.

ah, ok, i haven't thought of that. would the use of portaudio (1) be a viable
alternative? it features a common interface to audio devices on macos, macosx,
linux, etc. and has a non-restrictive license. 

> However I intend to change the license to GPL soon, so this will go away.

good. i'll wait with any changes until you settled the licensing issues and
released the source code ...


(1) (http://www.portaudio.com)