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Re: [sc-dev] CVS / sourceforge

The release I made was just so that you can see something while I take the time to make it open source. It is not open source at this time, it does not have an open source license attached.
Porting to linux should happen AFTER it is open sourced.

On Sunday, June 23, 2002, at 03:07  PM, Ethan Bakshy wrote:

Is there any chance we can a base source without all the PB issues up on cvs?

A couple of other things that I think may be useful to also have on our sourceforge site:
-Have a binary distro of SC Server (even though it isn't very mature)
-A tarball (not dmg) of sc-server so that people who aren't running osx can start hacking it and get it ported over to linux / etc

Any thoughts?


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