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Re: [sc-dev] Linux development?

On Sunday, June 23, 2002, at 10:54  AM, stefan kersten wrote:

i compiled scserver with little changes on linux and it's running (though
not producing any sound yet). all of the platform dependencies are in the
audio driver (SC_CoreAudio.(h|cpp)) and the socket code; now i'm tackling
the plugins, a task that boils down to a proper build setup that handles
loadable libraries.

i'll notify the list as soon as i make progress ...

Just for the record:
I've not yet released the sc server source under GPL. In the headers I retain all rights to the code and in some specifically state: "This is copyrighted source. It is not public domain, not GPLed, not open source."
Thus according to the GPL license you cannot yet link JACK and sc server.
However I intend to change the license to GPL soon, so this will go away.

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