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Re: [sc-dev] supercollider tree

What I did to the file hierarchy/pbproj was just to clean it up so it would be easier to look at and think about. I tried to follow what I thought were the intentions of the original hierarchy without making any drastic changes. I also cleared away stuff that won't ultimately be in a CVS tree. It was a mess in there and now it isn't really...I'm not trying to hijack this (important) design decision, but I think it would be beneficial to most people involved in this discussion to take a look at what I did.

word, good approach. but you would want everything that is to be used in the project to be in CVS. This way you just always keep a checked out version of the module and you have it as one atomic project you can update or whatnot.

	cvs -d supercollider.sourceforge.net:/path co server; cd server; make
	[ian:~/scserver]$ cvs update; make

I would call not_in_project or whatever "etc/" or comparable and have that as a subdirectory of the CVS module

BTW, if the client and server share code it might get messy dividing things down that line, even though I think it's the right thing to do... Would it be too much trouble to make two linked CVS repositories?

Every SF project get a CVS repository, which of course can contain more than one module. That's a very good idea, we should use two modules.

should we keep this discussion in sc-dev or what? this thread is seriously getting double-listed :D but I'm not sure if everyone interested in this discussion is on there