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Re: [sc-dev] supercollider tree

Ian Pojman <ipojman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> couple questions. I'm setting up a preliminary CVS module.
> a) do we want to keep codewarrior stuff in there? my opinion is no.. 
> theres only a couple things I see that are CW anyway...
> b) How about a reorganization of the source.
> The stuff seems a bit jumbled, but maybe it's just because I haven't 
> read thru most of the actual source yet.
> but before starting a CVS module, now is an opportune time to lay out 
> the directories in a clear manner.
> I was thinking of something like this (old dir names in ()'s)
> supercollider (SuperCollider 3)
>     [pb project file, etc.]
>     -etc - BBall.icns
>     -src	
> 	- client
> 		[cocoa source (source)]
> 	- server (SC_server lang)
> 		-lang (language related - BufSource, OSX etc would be put in 
> here if nowhere else?)
> 			- core (LangSource)
> 			- primitives (LangPrimSource)
> 			- OSC (OSC Source)
> 			- synth (SynthSource)
> you guys think this is worth merit, or should we just start off as it is.

I think it would be better to have it a bit organized especially
when you put it into CVS. it can be a mess if only one person is
doing the development but once it becomes a group effort, it should
be as organized as possible.

I personlly like the directory structure you have proposed.
I believe this is what James meant when he asked the sc-users list
whether someone can make the source tree suitable for sourceforge/CVS development.