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Re: [sc-dev] SC PB proj

i might be speaking too soon or trying to take on too much at once, but i was planning on making a ProjectBuilder project (i.e. don't need CodeWarrior) to try and get things going. a number of people have offered their help, so i think it's doable in a not-so-long period of time. if i didn't have a full time job + part time school, i'd be able to do this faster. sorry about that. i also have to get a better grip on ProjectBuilder...

right now i'm having problems with the CodeWarrior project(s) because all the paths are relative to James machine, which of course makes it difficult to compile (since he has directories with files which i don't have, or perhaps i'm not giving the correct path). if i could resolve one path problem in the SC_server_synth CW project, i'd have a library up and ready for everyone to use (which has some code changes that a list member so kindly pointed out in order to temporarily fix some USB audio problems).

my initial guess (which is probably wrong) is that all the symbols that are undefined/missing might be assembly code that james wrote for faster arithmetic operations. i'm guessing he must have used faster integer and float divisions, modulus operations, etc than what's included with the C or C++ libraries. i think the other symbols are relevant to frame pointers for stack frames??? i don't know...

it's overwhelming right now, and i think everyone's either quietly tinkering on their own, stuck with audio init errors, or they just don't have OSX yet. or the fact that it's all brand new, and takes some getting used to.


On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 06:37 PM, Ian Pojman wrote:

so, uh, *cough*, is this thing on?

anyone know what the deal is with the pbproj not linking? anyone got it building right?

is it coming from that libsndfile.a? any ideas on where this __div2i __mod __save_fpr_26 etc stuff is?

is there a CVS module on sourceforge yet? (whos the sourceforge/cvs owner?)


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