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Re: [sc-dev] example

somebody found the problematic error checking code, and posted it to the regular SC list. next step is to see if commenting out the code will enable USB devices to function. seems like a good first test for the open source model...

as i stated in my reply on the other list, i don't have the proper version of CodeWarrior to open the project and try the fix. anyone on the list have CW 7/8 and is willing to test??


Just 2 more bits...

I optimistically hoped that the build of SC would play back audio
through any device selected in the sound system prefs panel. Emagic has an
OSX driver for the 2|6, which handles audio output just fine (iTunes,
system alerts) and supposedly will do multichannel for any app that works
through coreaudio. But SC on 's.boot' says:
get kAudioDevicePropertyStreamFormat error 1852797029
exception: could not initialize audio.

For the built-in audio hardware, the example works fine for me on a pbook
667 with OSX10.1.4

Incidentally, something weird with the sound prefs panel... I have no tab
for "Input", only "Alerts" and "Output". This is one of the newer
powerbooks with analog audio input, and it works fine under OS9. Is anyone
else missing an "Input" under OSX? (replies to me privately please, not to
the list...)