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[sc-dev] plug-ins

wouldn't it be nice, if it were possible, considering that everything now works with global buses, to plug-ins/modules which have access to those buses. would it be possible to do this in a way which would not unduly affect performance (so long as you haven't got anything plugged in of course)? in effect to make the current synthesis engine itself a module within that kind of architecture. this way other engines could have access to the same buses and could also receive messages from the interpreter? this would allow people to write graphical engines, gui engines, vst wrapper engines, word processors :), which would all be capable of streaming to or from the global buses. in fact the buses would not even necessarily have to be constrained to holding audio data, but could hold anything at all. osc addressing could look something like this: /all/start for start all engines, /scaud/start, for
start only the audio engine, etc...
james will probably just shoot off a one liner telling me why this is all impossible because of some technical detail
of which i am entirely ignorant.
just some thoughts,